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Interface QuickPickOptions


  • QuickPickOptions



Optional buttons

buttons: ReadonlyArray<QuickTitleButton>

Buttons that are displayed on the title panel

Optional fuzzyMatchDescription

fuzzyMatchDescription: undefined | false | true

default: true

Optional fuzzyMatchLabel

fuzzyMatchLabel: undefined | false | true

default: true

Optional ignoreFocusOut

ignoreFocusOut: undefined | false | true

Set to true to keep the input box open when focus moves to another part of the editor or to another window.

Optional placeholder

placeholder: undefined | string

Optional runIfSingle

runIfSingle: undefined | false | true

Determines if the quick pick with a single item should execute the item instead of displaying. The default is true.

Optional step

step: number | undefined

Current step count

Optional title

title: string | undefined

The title of the input

Optional totalSteps

totalSteps: number | undefined

Total number of steps

Optional value

value: undefined | string

The prefill value.