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Interface TheiaBrowserWindowOptions

Theia tracks the maximized state of Electron Browser Windows.


  • BrowserWindowConstructorOptions
    • TheiaBrowserWindowOptions



Optional acceptFirstMouse

acceptFirstMouse: undefined | false | true

Whether the web view accepts a single mouse-down event that simultaneously activates the window. Default is false.

Optional alwaysOnTop

alwaysOnTop: undefined | false | true

Whether the window should always stay on top of other windows. Default is false.

Optional autoHideMenuBar

autoHideMenuBar: undefined | false | true

Auto hide the menu bar unless the Alt key is pressed. Default is false.

Optional backgroundColor

backgroundColor: undefined | string

Window's background color as a hexadecimal value, like #66CD00 or #FFF or #80FFFFFF (alpha in #AARRGGBB format is supported if transparent is set to true). Default is #FFF (white).

Optional center

center: undefined | false | true

Show window in the center of the screen.

Optional closable

closable: undefined | false | true

Whether window is closable. This is not implemented on Linux. Default is true.

Optional darkTheme

darkTheme: undefined | false | true

Forces using dark theme for the window, only works on some GTK desktop environments. Default is false.

Optional disableAutoHideCursor

disableAutoHideCursor: undefined | false | true

Whether to hide cursor when typing. Default is false.

Optional enableLargerThanScreen

enableLargerThanScreen: undefined | false | true

Enable the window to be resized larger than screen. Only relevant for macOS, as other OSes allow larger-than-screen windows by default. Default is false.

Optional focusable

focusable: undefined | false | true

Whether the window can be focused. Default is true. On Windows setting focusable: false also implies setting skipTaskbar: true. On Linux setting focusable: false makes the window stop interacting with wm, so the window will always stay on top in all workspaces.

Optional frame

frame: undefined | false | true

Specify false to create a Frameless Window. Default is true.

Optional fullscreen

fullscreen: undefined | false | true

Whether the window should show in fullscreen. When explicitly set to false the fullscreen button will be hidden or disabled on macOS. Default is false.

Optional fullscreenWindowTitle

fullscreenWindowTitle: undefined | false | true

Shows the title in the title bar in full screen mode on macOS for all titleBarStyle options. Default is false.

Optional fullscreenable

fullscreenable: undefined | false | true

Whether the window can be put into fullscreen mode. On macOS, also whether the maximize/zoom button should toggle full screen mode or maximize window. Default is true.

Optional hasShadow

hasShadow: undefined | false | true

Whether window should have a shadow. Default is true.

Optional height

height: undefined | number

Window's height in pixels. Default is 600.

Optional icon

icon: NativeImage | string

The window icon. On Windows it is recommended to use ICO icons to get best visual effects, you can also leave it undefined so the executable's icon will be used.

Optional isMaximized

isMaximized: undefined | false | true

Optional kiosk

kiosk: undefined | false | true

Whether the window is in kiosk mode. Default is false.

Optional maxHeight

maxHeight: undefined | number

Window's maximum height. Default is no limit.

Optional maxWidth

maxWidth: undefined | number

Window's maximum width. Default is no limit.

Optional maximizable

maximizable: undefined | false | true

Whether window is maximizable. This is not implemented on Linux. Default is true.

Optional minHeight

minHeight: undefined | number

Window's minimum height. Default is 0.

Optional minWidth

minWidth: undefined | number

Window's minimum width. Default is 0.

Optional minimizable

minimizable: undefined | false | true

Whether window is minimizable. This is not implemented on Linux. Default is true.

Optional modal

modal: undefined | false | true

Whether this is a modal window. This only works when the window is a child window. Default is false.

Optional movable

movable: undefined | false | true

Whether window is movable. This is not implemented on Linux. Default is true.

Optional opacity

opacity: undefined | number

Set the initial opacity of the window, between 0.0 (fully transparent) and 1.0 (fully opaque). This is only implemented on Windows and macOS.

Optional paintWhenInitiallyHidden

paintWhenInitiallyHidden: undefined | false | true

Whether the renderer should be active when show is false and it has just been created. In order for document.visibilityState to work correctly on first load with show: false you should set this to false. Setting this to false will cause the ready-to-show event to not fire. Default is true.

Optional parent

parent: BrowserWindow

Specify parent window. Default is null.

Optional resizable

resizable: undefined | false | true

Whether window is resizable. Default is true.

Optional show

show: undefined | false | true

Whether window should be shown when created. Default is true.

Optional simpleFullscreen

simpleFullscreen: undefined | false | true

Use pre-Lion fullscreen on macOS. Default is false.

Optional skipTaskbar

skipTaskbar: undefined | false | true

Whether to show the window in taskbar. Default is false.

Optional tabbingIdentifier

tabbingIdentifier: undefined | string

Tab group name, allows opening the window as a native tab on macOS 10.12+. Windows with the same tabbing identifier will be grouped together. This also adds a native new tab button to your window's tab bar and allows your app and window to receive the new-window-for-tab event.

Optional thickFrame

thickFrame: undefined | false | true

Use WS_THICKFRAME style for frameless windows on Windows, which adds standard window frame. Setting it to false will remove window shadow and window animations. Default is true.

Optional title

title: undefined | string

Default window title. Default is "Electron". If the HTML tag <title> is defined in the HTML file loaded by loadURL(), this property will be ignored.

Optional titleBarStyle

titleBarStyle: undefined | "default" | "hidden" | "hiddenInset" | "customButtonsOnHover"

The style of window title bar. Default is default. Possible values are:

Optional trafficLightPosition

trafficLightPosition: Point

Set a custom position for the traffic light buttons. Can only be used with titleBarStyle set to hidden

Optional transparent

transparent: undefined | false | true

Makes the window transparent. Default is false. On Windows, does not work unless the window is frameless.

Optional type

type: undefined | string

The type of window, default is normal window. See more about this below.

Optional useContentSize

useContentSize: undefined | false | true

The width and height would be used as web page's size, which means the actual window's size will include window frame's size and be slightly larger. Default is false.

Optional vibrancy

vibrancy: undefined | "window" | "content" | "tooltip" | "light" | "dark" | "selection" | "appearance-based" | "titlebar" | "menu" | "popover" | "sidebar" | "medium-light" | "ultra-dark" | "header" | "sheet" | "hud" | "fullscreen-ui" | "under-window" | "under-page"

Add a type of vibrancy effect to the window, only on macOS. Can be appearance-based, light, dark, titlebar, selection, menu, popover, sidebar, medium-light, ultra-dark, header, sheet, window, hud, fullscreen-ui, tooltip, content, under-window, or under-page. Please note that using frame: false in combination with a vibrancy value requires that you use a non-default titleBarStyle as well. Also note that appearance-based, light, dark, medium-light, and ultra-dark have been deprecated and will be removed in an upcoming version of macOS.

Optional webPreferences

webPreferences: WebPreferences

Settings of web page's features.

Optional width

width: undefined | number

Window's width in pixels. Default is 800.

Optional x

x: undefined | number

(required if y is used) Window's left offset from screen. Default is to center the window.

Optional y

y: undefined | number

(required if x is used) Window's top offset from screen. Default is to center the window.

Optional zoomToPageWidth

zoomToPageWidth: undefined | false | true

Controls the behavior on macOS when option-clicking the green stoplight button on the toolbar or by clicking the Window > Zoom menu item. If true, the window will grow to the preferred width of the web page when zoomed, false will cause it to zoom to the width of the screen. This will also affect the behavior when calling maximize() directly. Default is false.