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Namespace Schemes



Const command

command: "command" = "command"

Const data

data: "data" = "data"

Const file

file: "file" = "file"

Const http

http: "http" = "http"

Const https

https: "https" = "https"

Const inMemory

inMemory: "inmemory" = "inmemory"

A schema that is used for models that exist in memory only and that have no correspondence on a server or such.

Const internal

internal: "private" = "private"

A schema that is used for internal private files

Const mailto

mailto: "mailto" = "mailto"

Const untitled

untitled: "untitled" = "untitled"

Const userData

userData: "vscode-userdata" = "vscode-userdata"

Const vscode

vscode: "vscode" = "vscode"

A schema that is used for setting files

Const vscodeCustomEditor

vscodeCustomEditor: "vscode-custom-editor" = "vscode-custom-editor"

Const vscodeRemote

vscodeRemote: "vscode-remote" = "vscode-remote"

Const vscodeRemoteResource

vscodeRemoteResource: "vscode-remote-resource" = "vscode-remote-resource"

Const vscodeSettings

vscodeSettings: "vscode-settings" = "vscode-settings"

Const walkThrough

walkThrough: "walkThrough" = "walkThrough"

A walk-through document.

Const walkThroughSnippet

walkThroughSnippet: "walkThroughSnippet" = "walkThroughSnippet"

An embedded code snippet.

Const webviewPanel

webviewPanel: "webview-panel" = "webview-panel"