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Default implementation of the GettingStartedWidget. The widget is displayed when there are currently no workspaces present. Some of the features displayed include:

  • open commands.
  • recently used workspaces.
  • settings commands.
  • help commands.
  • helpful links.


  • ReactWidget
    • GettingStartedWidget



  • Parameters

    • Optional options: IOptions

    Returns GettingStartedWidget


appServer: ApplicationServer
applicationInfo: undefined | ApplicationInfo

The ApplicationInfo for the application if available. Used in order to obtain the version number of the application.

applicationName: string = ...

The application name which is used for display purposes.

commandRegistry: CommandRegistry
compatibilityUrl: "https://eclipse-theia.github.io/vscode-theia-comparator/status.html" = 'https://eclipse-theia.github.io/vscode-theia-comparator/status.html'
documentationUrl: "https://www.theia-ide.org/docs/" = 'https://www.theia-ide.org/docs/'

Collection of useful links to display for end users.

environments: EnvVariablesServer
extensionUrl: "https://www.theia-ide.org/docs/authoring_extensions" = 'https://www.theia-ide.org/docs/authoring_extensions'
home: undefined | string
labelProvider: LabelProvider
pluginUrl: "https://www.theia-ide.org/docs/authoring_plugins" = 'https://www.theia-ide.org/docs/authoring_plugins'
recentLimit: number = 5

The recently used workspaces limit. Used in order to limit the number of recently used workspaces to display.

recentWorkspaces: string[] = []

The list of recently used workspaces.

windowService: WindowService
workspaceService: WorkspaceService
ID: "getting.started.widget" = 'getting.started.widget'

The widget id.

LABEL: string = ...

The widget label which is used for display purposes.


  • buildPaths(workspaces: string[]): string[]
  • doInit(): Promise<void>
  • doOpen(): Promise<unknown>
  • doOpenEnter(e: KeyboardEvent<Element>): void
  • doOpenExternalLink(url: string): undefined
  • doOpenExternalLinkEnter(e: KeyboardEvent<Element>, url: string): void
  • doOpenFile(): Promise<unknown>
  • doOpenFileEnter(e: KeyboardEvent<Element>): void
  • doOpenFolder(): Promise<unknown>
  • doOpenFolderEnter(e: KeyboardEvent<Element>): void
  • doOpenKeyboardShortcuts(): Promise<unknown>
  • doOpenKeyboardShortcutsEnter(e: KeyboardEvent<Element>): void
  • doOpenPreferences(): Promise<unknown>
  • doOpenPreferencesEnter(e: KeyboardEvent<Element>): void
  • doOpenRecentWorkspace(): Promise<unknown>
  • doOpenRecentWorkspaceEnter(e: KeyboardEvent<Element>): void
  • doOpenWorkspace(): Promise<unknown>
  • doOpenWorkspaceEnter(e: KeyboardEvent<Element>): void
  • init(): void
  • isEnterKey(e: KeyboardEvent<Element>): boolean
  • onActivateRequest(msg: Message): void
  • open(uri: URI): void
  • openEnter(e: KeyboardEvent<Element>, uri: URI): void
  • render(): ReactNode
  • renderHeader(): ReactNode
  • renderHelp(): ReactNode
  • renderOpen(): ReactNode
  • renderRecentWorkspaces(): ReactNode
  • renderSettings(): ReactNode
  • renderVersion(): ReactNode