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Class MonacoEditorCommandHandlers


  • MonacoEditorCommandHandlers


  • CommandContribution




codeEditorService: MonacoEditorService
commandRegistry: CommandRegistry
contextKeyService: ContextKeyService
editorManager: EditorManager
monacoCommandRegistry: MonacoCommandRegistry
quickInputService: QuickInputService
shell: ApplicationShell
textModelService: MonacoTextModelService


  • configureTabSize(editor: MonacoEditor, useSpaces: boolean): void
  • getActiveEditor(): { editor?: MonacoEditor; widget?: EditorWidget }
  • registerCommands(): void
  • registerEditorCommandHandlers(): void
  • registerMonacoCommands(): void
  • Register commands from Monaco to Theia registry.

    Monaco has different kind of commands which should be handled differently by Theia.

    Editor Actions

    They should be registered with a label to be visible in the quick command palette.

    Such actions should be enabled only if the current editor is available and it supports such action in the current context.

    Editor Commands

    Such actions should be enabled only if the current editor is available.

    actions.find and editor.action.startFindReplaceAction are registered as handlers for find and replace. If handlers are not enabled then the core should prevent the default browser behavior. Other Theia extensions can register alternative implementations using custom enablement.

    Global Commands

    These commands are not necessary dependent on the current editor and enabled always. But they depend on services which are global in VS Code, but bound to the editor in Monaco, i.e. ICodeEditorService or IContextKeyService. We should take care of providing Theia implementations for such services.

    Global Native or Editor Commands

    Namely: undo, redo and editor.action.selectAll. They depend on ICodeEditorService. They will try to delegate to the current editor and if it is not available delegate to the browser. They are registered as handlers for corresponding core commands always. Other Theia extensions can provide alternative implementations by introducing a dependency to @theia/monaco extension.

    Global Language Commands

    Like _executeCodeActionProvider, they depend on ICodeEditorService and ITextModelService.

    Global Context Commands

    It is setContext. It depends on IContextKeyService.

    Global Editor Commands

    Like openReferenceToSide and openReference, they depend on IListService. We treat all commands which don't match any other category of global commands as global editor commands and execute them using the instantiation service of the current editor.

    Returns void

  • revertAndCloseActiveEditor(current: { editor?: MonacoEditor; widget?: EditorWidget }): Promise<void>