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Class ColorPresentation

A color presentation object describes how a color should be represented as text and what edits are required to refer to it from source code.

For some languages one color can have multiple presentations, e.g. css can represent the color red with the constant Red, the hex-value #ff0000, or in rgba and hsla forms. In csharp other representations apply, e.g System.Drawing.Color.Red.


  • ColorPresentation




additionalTextEdits?: TextEdit[]

An optional array of additional text edits that are applied when selecting this color presentation. Edits must not overlap with the main edit nor with themselves.

label: string

The label of this color presentation. It will be shown on the color picker header. By default this is also the text that is inserted when selecting this color presentation.

textEdit?: TextEdit

An edit which is applied to a document when selecting this presentation for the color. When falsy the label is used.