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  • TimelineItem



  • new TimelineItem(label: string, timestamp: number): TimelineItem


accessibilityInformation?: AccessibilityInformation

Accessibility information used when screen reader interacts with this timeline item.

command?: Command

The command that should be executed when the timeline item is selected.

contextValue?: string

Context value of the timeline item. This can be used to contribute specific actions to the item. For example, a timeline item is given a context value as commit. When contributing actions to timeline/item/context using menus extension point, you can specify context value for key timelineItem in when expression like timelineItem == commit.

"contributes": {
"menus": {
"timeline/item/context": [{
"command": "extension.copyCommitId",
"when": "timelineItem == commit"

This will show the extension.copyCommitId action only for items where contextValue is commit.

description?: string

A human readable string describing less prominent details of the timeline item.

detail?: string

The tooltip text when you hover over the timeline item.

iconPath?: Uri | ThemeIcon | { dark: Uri; light: Uri }

The icon path or ThemeIcon for the timeline item.

id?: string

Optional id for the timeline item. It must be unique across all the timeline items provided by this source.

If not provided, an id is generated using the timeline item's timestamp.

label: string

A human-readable string describing the timeline item.

timestamp: number

A timestamp (in milliseconds since 1 January 1970 00:00:00) for when the timeline item occurred.