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Class TaskRunnerRegistry

The TaskRunnerRegistry is the common component for the registration and provisioning of TaskRunners. Theia will collect all TaskRunners and invoke {@link TaskRunnerContribution#registerRunner} for each contribution. The TaskServer will use the runners provided by this registry to execute TaskConfigurations that have been triggered by the user.


  • TaskRunnerRegistry




defaultRunner: TaskRunner

A Task Runner that will be used for executing a Task without an associated Runner.

processTaskRunner: ProcessTaskRunner
runners: Map<string, TaskRunner>


  • Looks for a registered TaskRunner for each of the task types in sequence and returns the first that is found If no task runner is registered for any of the types, the default runner is returned.


    • Rest ...types: string[]

      the task types.

    Returns TaskRunner

    the registered TaskRunner or a default runner if none is registered for the specified types.

  • getRunnerTypes(): string[]
  • init(): void
  • registerRunner(type: string, runner: TaskRunner): Disposable
  • Registers the given TaskRunner to execute Tasks of the specified type. If there is already a TaskRunner registered for the specified type the registration will be overwritten with the new value.


    • type: string

      the task type for which the given runner should be registered.

    • runner: TaskRunner

      the task runner that should be registered.

    Returns Disposable

    a Disposable that can be invoked to unregister the given runner.