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Enumeration ExternalUriOpenerPriority

Details if an ExternalUriOpener can open a uri.

The priority is also used to rank multiple openers against each other and determine if an opener should be selected automatically or if the user should be prompted to select an opener.

The editor will try to use the best available opener, as sorted by ExternalUriOpenerPriority. If there are multiple potential "best" openers for a URI, then the user will be prompted to select an opener.


Enumeration Members

Enumeration Members

Default: 2

The opener can open the uri.

The editor's built-in opener has Default priority. This means that any additional Default openers will cause the user to be prompted to select from a list of all potential openers.

None: 0

The opener is disabled and will never be shown to users.

Note that the opener can still be used if the user specifically configures it in their settings.

Option: 1

The opener can open the uri but will not cause a prompt on its own since the editor always contributes a built-in Default opener.

Preferred: 3

The opener can open the uri and should be automatically selected over any default openers, include the built-in one from the editor.

A preferred opener will be automatically selected if no other preferred openers are available. If multiple preferred openers are available, then the user is shown a prompt with all potential openers (not just preferred openers).