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Interface PreferenceProxyOptions

Proxy configuration parameters.


  • PreferenceProxyOptions



isDisposable?: boolean

Indicates whether the proxy should be disposable. Proxies that are shared between multiple callers should not be disposable.

overrideIdentifier?: string

The overrideIdentifier to use with the underlying preferenceService. Useful to potentially override existing values while keeping both values in store.

For example to store different editor settings, e.g. "[markdown].editor.autoIndent", "[json].editor.autoIndent" and "editor.autoIndent"

prefix?: string

Prefix which is transparently added to all preference identifiers.

resourceUri?: string

The default resourceUri to use if none was specified when calling "set" or "get".

style?: "flat" | "deep" | "both"

Indicates whether '.' in schema properties shall be interpreted as regular names (flat), as declaring nested objects (deep) or both. Default is flat.

When 'deep' or 'both' is given, nested preference proxies can be retrieved.