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Interface DebugConfiguration

Configuration for a debug adapter session.


  • DebugConfiguration


[key: string]: any

Additional debug type specific properties.



__restart?: boolean

Optional data from the previous, restarted session. The data is sent as the 'restart' attribute of the 'terminated' event. The client should leave the data intact.

compact?: boolean
consoleMode?: DebugConsoleMode
internalConsoleOptions?: "neverOpen" | "openOnSessionStart" | "openOnFirstSessionStart"

default: neverOpen

lifecycleManagedByParent?: boolean
name: string

The name of the debug adapter session.

noDebug?: boolean

If noDebug is true the launch request should launch the program without enabling debugging.

openDebug?: "neverOpen" | "openOnSessionStart" | "openOnFirstSessionStart" | "openOnDebugBreak"

default: neverOpen

parentSessionId?: string
postDebugTask?: string | TaskIdentifier

Task to run after debug session ends

preLaunchTask?: string | TaskIdentifier

Task to run before debug session starts

request: string

The request type of the debug adapter session.

suppressDebugStatusbar?: boolean

When true, the window statusbar color will not be changed for this session.

suppressDebugView?: boolean

When true, the debug viewlet will not be automatically revealed for this session.

suppressSaveBeforeStart?: boolean

When true, a save will not be triggered for open editors when starting a debug session, regardless of the value of the debug.saveBeforeStart setting.

type: string

The type of the debug adapter session.