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Interface MiniBrowserOpenerOptions

Further options for opening a new Mini Browser widget.




iconClass?: string

The optional icon class for the widget.

name?: string

The desired name of the widget.

openFor?: "source" | "preview"

Controls how the mini-browser widget should be opened.

  • source: editable source.
  • preview: rendered content of the source.
resetBackground?: boolean

true if the iFrame's background has to be reset to the default white color. Otherwise, false. false is the default.

sandbox?: SandboxOptions[]

Sandbox options for the underlying iframe. Defaults to SandboxOptions#DEFAULT if not provided.

startPage?: string

If defined, the browser will load this page on startup. Otherwise, it show a blank page.

toolbar?: "show" | "hide" | "read-only"

show if the toolbar should be visible. If read-only, the toolbar is visible but the address cannot be changed and it acts as a link instead.
hide if the toolbar should be hidden. show by default. If the startPage is not defined, this property is always show.