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Interface Comment

A comment is displayed within the editor or the Comments Panel, depending on how it is provided.


  • Comment



The author information of the comment

body: string | MarkdownString

The human-readable comment body

contextValue?: string

Context value of the comment. This can be used to contribute comment specific actions. For example, a comment is given a context value as editable. When contributing actions to comments/comment/title using menus extension point, you can specify context value for key comment in when expression like comment == editable.

 "contributes": {
"menus": {
"comments/comment/title": [
"command": "extension.deleteComment",
"when": "comment == editable"

This will show action extension.deleteComment only for comments with contextValue is editable.

label?: string

Optional label describing the Comment Label will be rendered next to authorName if exists.

Comment mode of the comment

reactions?: CommentReaction[]

Optional reactions of the comment

timestamp?: Date

Optional timestamp.