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Interface CompletionItemProvider<T>

The completion item provider interface defines the contract between extensions and IntelliSense

Providers can delay the computation of the detail and documentation properties by implementing the resolveCompletionItem-function. However, properties that are needed for the initial sorting and filtering, like sortText, filterText, insertText, and range, must not be changed during resolve.

Providers are asked for completions either explicitly by a user gesture or -depending on the configuration- implicitly when typing words or trigger characters.

Type Parameters


  • CompletionItemProvider



  • Given a completion item fill in more data, like doc-comment or details.

    The editor will only resolve a completion item once.


    • item: T

      A completion item currently active in the UI.

    • token: CancellationToken

      A cancellation token.

    Returns ProviderResult<T>

    The resolved completion item or a thenable that resolves to of such. It is OK to return the given item. When no result is returned, the given item will be used.