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Interface Extension<T>

Type Parameters

  • T


  • Extension



exports: T

The public API exported by this extension (return value of activate). It is an invalid action to access this field before this extension has been activated.

extensionKind: ExtensionKind

The extension kind describes if an extension runs where the UI runs or if an extension runs where the remote extension host runs. The extension kind is defined in the package.json-file of extensions but can also be refined via the remote.extensionKind-setting. When no remote extension host exists, the value is ExtensionKind.UI.

extensionPath: string

The absolute file path of the directory containing this extension. Shorthand notation for Extension.extensionUri.fsPath (independent of the uri scheme).

extensionUri: Uri

The uri of the directory containing the extension.

id: string

The canonical extension identifier in the form of: publisher.name.

isActive: boolean

true if the extension has been activated.

isFromDifferentExtensionHost: boolean

true when the extension is associated to another extension host.

Note that an extension from another extension host cannot export API, e.g its exports are always undefined.

packageJSON: any

The parsed contents of the extension's package.json.