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Interface InputBoxOptions

Options to configure the behavior of the input box UI.


  • InputBoxOptions



ignoreFocusOut?: boolean

Set to true to keep the input box open when focus moves to another part of the editor or to another window.

password?: boolean

Set to true to show a password prompt that will not show the typed value.

placeHolder?: string

An optional string to show as place holder in the input box to guide the user what to type.

prompt?: string

The text to display underneath the input box.

title?: string

An optional string that represents the title of the input box.

value?: string

The value to prefill in the input box.

valueSelection?: [number, number]

Selection of the prefilled value. Defined as tuple of two number where the first is the inclusive start index and the second the exclusive end index. When undefined the whole word will be selected, when empty (start equals end) only the cursor will be set, otherwise the defined range will be selected.


  • onAccept(): void