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Interface LanguageStatusItem

A language status item is the preferred way to present language status reports for the active text editors, such as selected linter or notifying about a configuration problem.


  • LanguageStatusItem



accessibilityInformation?: AccessibilityInformation

Accessibility information used when a screen reader interacts with this item

busy: boolean

Controls whether the item is shown as "busy". Defaults to false.

command: undefined | Command

A command for this item.

detail?: string

Optional, human-readable details for this item.

id: string

The identifier of this item.

name: undefined | string

The short name of this item, like 'Java Language Status', etc.

A selector that defines for what editors this item shows.

The severity of this item.

Defaults to information. You can use this property to signal to users that there is a problem that needs attention, like a missing executable or an invalid configuration.

text: string

The text to show for the entry. You can embed icons in the text by leveraging the syntax:

My text $(icon-name) contains icons like $(icon-name) this one.

Where the icon-name is taken from the ThemeIcon icon set, e.g. light-bulb, thumbsup, zap etc.


  • dispose(): void