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Interface TestRunProfile

A TestRunProfile describes one way to execute tests in a TestController.


  • TestRunProfile



configureHandler: undefined | (() => void)

If this method is present, a configuration gear will be present in the UI, and this method will be invoked when it's clicked. When called, you can take other editor actions, such as showing a quick pick or opening a configuration file.

isDefault: boolean

Controls whether this profile is the default action that will be taken when its kind is actioned. For example, if the user clicks the generic "run all" button, then the default profile for TestRunProfileKind.Run will be executed, although the user can configure this.


Configures what kind of execution this profile controls. If there are no profiles for a kind, it will not be available in the UI.

label: string

Label shown to the user in the UI.

Note that the label has some significance if the user requests that tests be re-run in a certain way. For example, if tests were run normally and the user requests to re-run them in debug mode, the editor will attempt use a configuration with the same label of the Debug kind. If there is no such configuration, the default will be used.

supportsContinuousRun: boolean

Whether this profile supports continuous running of requests. If so, then TestRunRequest.continuous may be set to true. Defaults to false.

tag: undefined | TestTag

Associated tag for the profile. If this is set, only TestItem instances with the same tag will be eligible to execute in this profile.



  • dispose(): void