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Interface WorkspaceSymbolProvider<T>

Type Parameters


  • WorkspaceSymbolProvider



  • Project-wide search for a symbol matching the given query string.

    The query-parameter should be interpreted in a relaxed way as the editor will apply its own highlighting and scoring on the results. A good rule of thumb is to match case-insensitive and to simply check that the characters of query appear in their order in a candidate symbol. Don't use prefix, substring, or similar strict matching.

    To improve performance implementors can implement resolveWorkspaceSymbol and then provide symbols with partial location-objects, without a range defined. The editor will then call resolveWorkspaceSymbol for selected symbols only, e.g. when opening a workspace symbol.


    • query: string

      A non-empty query string.

    • token: CancellationToken

      A cancellation token.

    Returns ProviderResult<T[]>

    An array of document highlights or a thenable that resolves to such. The lack of a result can be signaled by returning undefined, null, or an empty array.

  • Given a symbol fill in its location. This method is called whenever a symbol is selected in the UI. Providers can implement this method and return incomplete symbols from provideWorkspaceSymbols which often helps to improve performance.


    • symbol: T

      The symbol that is to be resolved. Guaranteed to be an instance of an object returned from an earlier call to provideWorkspaceSymbols.

    • token: CancellationToken

      A cancellation token.

    Returns ProviderResult<T>

    The resolved symbol or a thenable that resolves to that. When no result is returned, the given symbol is used.