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Interface TerminalWidgetFactoryOptions




attributes?: {}

Terminal attributes. Can be useful to apply some implementation specific information.

Type declaration

  • [key: string]: string | null
created: string
cwd?: string | URI

Current working directory.

destroyTermOnClose?: boolean

In case destroyTermOnClose is true - terminal process will be destroyed on close terminal widget, otherwise will be kept alive.

env?: {}

Environment variables for terminal.

Type declaration

  • [key: string]: string | null
id?: string

Terminal id. Should be unique for all DOM.

isPseudoTerminal?: boolean

Whether it is a pseudo terminal where an extension controls its input and output.

kind?: string

Terminal kind that indicates whether a terminal is created by a user or by some extension for a user

shellArgs?: string[]

Shell arguments to executable shell, for example: [-l] - without login.

shellPath?: string

Path to the executable shell. For example: /bin/bash, bash, sh.

strictEnv?: boolean

Whether the terminal process environment should be exactly as provided in env.

title?: string

Human readable terminal representation on the UI.

useServerTitle?: boolean

Terminal server side can send to the client terminal title to display this value on the UI. If useServerTitle = true then display this title, otherwise display title defined by 'title' argument.