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Encapsulates styling information that has to be applied on the widget which we decorate.


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backgroundColor?: string

The background color of the entire row.

badge?: number

A count badge for widgets.

captionPrefixes?: CaptionAffix[]

Optional, leading prefixes right before the caption.

captionSuffixes?: CaptionAffix[]

Suffixes that might come after the caption as an additional information.

fontData?: FontData

The font data for the caption.

highlight?: CaptionHighlight

An array of ranges to highlight the caption.

iconColor?: string

Sets the color of the icon. Ignored if the decorated item has no icon.

Has not effect if given, but the widget does not have an associated image.

priority?: number

The higher number has higher priority. If not specified, treated as 0. When multiple decorators are available for the same item, and decoration data cannot be merged together, then the higher priority item will be applied on the decorated element and the lower priority will be ignored.

Optional right-aligned decorations that appear after the widget caption and after the caption suffixes (is any).

tooltip?: string

Custom tooltip for the decorated item. Tooltip will be appended to the original tooltip, if any.