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Interface StatusBarItem

A status bar item is a status bar contribution that can show text and icons and run a command on click.


  • StatusBarItem



accessibilityInformation: undefined | AccessibilityInformation

Accessibility information used when a screen reader interacts with this StatusBar item.

The alignment of this item.

backgroundColor: undefined | ThemeColor

The background color for this entry.

Note: only the following colors are supported:

  • new ThemeColor('statusBarItem.errorBackground')
  • new ThemeColor('statusBarItem.warningBackground')

More background colors may be supported in the future.

Note: when a background color is set, the statusbar may override the color choice to ensure the entry is readable in all themes.

color: undefined | string | ThemeColor

The foreground color for this entry.

command: undefined | string | Command

The identifier of a command to run on click.

id: string

The identifier of this item.

Note: if no identifier was provided by the window.createStatusBarItem method, the identifier will match the extension identifier.

name: undefined | string

The name of the entry, like 'Python Language Indicator', 'Git Status' etc. Try to keep the length of the name short, yet descriptive enough that users can understand what the status bar item is about.

priority: number

The priority of this item. Higher value means the item should be shown more to the left.

text: string

The text to show for the entry. To set a text with icon use the following pattern in text string: $(fontawesomeClassName)

tooltip: undefined | string | MarkdownString

The tooltip text when you hover over this entry.


  • dispose(): void
  • hide(): void
  • show(): void